A Food Revolution: Creativity From the Top Chefs' Kitchens Reaches Culinary Enthusiasts

A Food Revolution: Creativity From the Top Chefs' Kitchens Reaches Culinary Enthusiasts

The kitchen of great restaurants is one of the places where innovation, and more particularly creativity, becomes more visible to the eyes of consumers and the general public. For some years now, haute cuisine has been very present in the media and more and more consumers are encouraged to imitate great chefs. This cuisine, however, is not available to all budgets, both for the products they use, such as the utensils used to prepare sophisticated recipes. But what if foodies could be part of that creativity at home? Take a look at this project! The R&D Food Revolution is an initiative originally developed for the Belgian catering sector and food specialists led by the chef Albert Adrià together with Rudi Van Beylen, who inspired the Flemish restaurant Hof ten Damme in Kallo, and Dirk Peeters, driver of Didess, a top producer in the biscuits world which supplies renowned chefs and catering establishments. Meanwhile, Albert Adrià, the lesser-known brother of Ferran Adrià, bears a surname connected to creativity. He has been through the El Bulli’s kitchen, which was once the world’s leading restaurant, in addition to those of the restaurants Tickets and 41º. The documentary Constructing Albert can give more clues about the younger brother of the renowned Spanish chef who appeared on the front cover of Times. Here is a sneak peak. Constructing Albert TEASER from Trueday Films on Vimeo. R&D Food Revolution is presented as a “provider of creativity”. Its creators have developed an innovative new product line, which includes exquisite flavorings or exotic sauces, and aim to bring Albert Adrià and El Bulli’s kitchen to the houses of the consumer. The commitment is to provide high-level products at affordable prices and to move the innovation of haute cuisine more close at hand to amateur chefs. And what are the products they offer? Taste Well-Beats, morsels or finger food in the shape of a starfish or based on seaweed, boletus, or the sepia form an octopus; the Evolution Sifon-line, a collection of mousses and sauces with flavors like pepper or mushroom; Cheese-Bread, five different sorts of bread designed to harmonize with cheese and consisting of several sorts of grain enriched with a compound assortment of raw materials, which contain no water, as they explain in their website, and finally, Crispy-foam, meringues with fruit or coffee, like those that Albert Adrià serves in his restaurants, as described by the company. You can check all the products in the R&D Food Revolution website, where it also explains that the project came to Belgium

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through the friendship that unites its founders and the high quality of the ingredients that can be found in this country. It is an interesting experience on how innovation in products is not only generated in the laboratories and R&D centers of the food industry, and how sophisticated products from haute cuisine can reach, through innovation, the big market.

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