C-fu Foods: New alternatives in protein products

alternatives in protein products

C-fu Foods: New alternatives in protein products

Our community. Introducing Lee Cadesky

Both member and challenger of allfoodexperts®, Lee Cadesky is, together with his brother Eli, one of the founders and COO of C-fu Foods. This is a Canada based company which brings a new approach to protein using a sustainable raw material sourceinsects.

Lee Cadesky has With a background in Food Science and Engeneering and deep expertise in food texture and alternative food products.

As an expert and consultant, he can help other members and food companies with challenges related to proteins or which are looking for new raw materials. He also has designed two proceses to extract and restructure insect proteins which can be applied for different beverages and premixes.

The markek for alternatives in protein

Due to its high quality, insect products open a new frontier and opportunities in nutritional food. The market is growing in USA and Canada but, one of the major challenges today is to create ingredients and replacements to traditional food that don’t look like insects. As he explains, customers are not yet prepared for consuming them in their standard form.

Lee is also a passionate allfoodexperts® member who likes the online format of the platform and the possibility to reach and interact with different experts and stakeholders across the industry and the world.

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