Call to Innovation for Healthier Food

Call to Innovation for Healthier Food

frutas variadas-002892The demand on healthy foods is becoming a powerful innovation driver for food and beverage companies. Consumers demands, food laws, health education, and health costs are some of the issues pushing in that direction.

The recent Rabobank report What’s cooking in tomorrow kitchen’ pointed out that sustainability,convenience, and health are mindsets of consumers affecting future food supply chains. Consumer’s concern for the ingredients they eat, and even their provenance increases. Equally, the report ‘Data & Trends of the European Food Industry 2013-2014‘ included between the fifteen major food innovation trends issues such as natural or medicinal foods, placing in fourth and fifth position. And more radical approaches claim for food reinvention from a scientific point of view as it is the case of some Silicon Valley’s start-ups or prominent patrons such as Bill Gates.

Also, health claims are currently a hot EU and USA food law topic. Related to the social and economic cost of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, or heart conditions. Just as an example, according to a 2014 McKinsey Global Institute report, more than 21 billion people suffer from obesity, 30% of global population and its global economic impact amounts to roughly $2 trillion annually.

In this respect, food companies reformulation challenges have a clear health purpose as well as additional difficulties regarding factors such as taste, texture, appearance, preservation, safety and stability, functionality, shelf-life stability, manufacturing simplicity, etc.

Finally, public and private health campaigns such as the Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution or Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move are contributing to increase the consumers’ concerns regarding balance diets.

allfoodexperts® wants to help food and beverage companies to address these and other applied innovation challenges.

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