What you get as a challenger

Non-disclosure agreement: allfoodexperts offers control over confidentiality

It’s totally free: you can deliver as many challenges as you need.

Access to our exclusive community of experts.

Some key benefits:

AFE offers you complete control over your challenges. For example, if you want to publish or not the company name from a challenge.

We only charge success fees. That means you do not pay to publish a challenge. It is free. Nor do you pay for all the work we do in correctly defining and targeting your challenge. Publishing all of your challenges in AFE will greatly increase your chances of successfully finding the right innovators to resolve your challenges.

Our invitational only community ensures you gain access to the highest possible level of expertise.

What to do next:

Get in touch and we will happily respond to all of your questions and, for your information, this is our approach:

  • We receive challenges via email.
  • The technical manager reviews your challenge.
  • Then, the technical manager writes a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bounded) challenge brief using the AFE challenge template.
  • When the challenge brief is finalized, the technical manager seeks approval from you the challenger.
  • Once final approval is given, it will be published in AFE.
  • If desired, relevant internal/external promotion of the challenge .
  • Once you accept a proposed solution, fees and other details of the challenge will be captured in the contract between the member, the challenger and the platform.

For more information, please, contact us at info@allfoodexperts.com


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