Food powder. Eat what you like

Food powder. Eat what you like

Food powder has been reported as the diet of the future. Powdered meal sales support this assertion. They have grown in the past few years and these products are now more popular. New consumers want customized diet and they allow a more personalized choices – think, for instance, in sport nutrition necesities. Additionally, as a final product, they are becoming more affordable and nutritious. Attributes both highly valued by consumers.

Since convenience is a must in the whole food industry, food powder has become a nutritional alternative to unhealthy convenience food. It can be integrated in different products such as vegan goods, meat substitutes or healthy snacks allowing to create final products with nutrients on demand and we have already seen it in the market. Wellpath, for example, asks customers to complete a consultation in order to recommend a specific shake for them according to criteria such as age, weight and functionality of the powder. Also, they can monitor improvements in health and evaluate results.

Nutritional and affordable products

Food powder is the base of new products that not just satisfy consumers needs, but also reflect their priorities. Healthy, convenient and affordable choices is what they are looking for. Huel is a product launched for consumers whose main concerns are those mentioned. It aim is not to replace traditional food but to offers a healthy alternative to fast food. This nutritionally complete food is also environmental friendly, which is a plus, since it has zero food waste and its package has very low impact. Furthermore, this food powder is 100 % vegan, a trend on the rise among millennials. Equally, Nano offers vegan products as soups and coffee conveniently packaged.

Funktional Foods products are also both affordable for consumers and sustainable for suppliers. These powdered forms provide many nutrients, such as vitamins, calcium or zinc, at a reasonable price, and they can be adquired in the regular distribution channels. Funktional Foods products as cacao powder or wheatgrass powder are available in Irish and English supermarkets in order to get close to consumers.

And another example proving the strength of this trend which many startups are adding up. Mana is a food powder made from natural ingredients and ready to use. Apart from that, the entire company is running only on renewable energy.

Network-based models to scale production

All previous companies have in common choosing a responsible and sustainable business model which allows them to engage with consumers. End users are increasingly looking for products from enterprises with an eco-friendly and social approach. Now, let’s all help them produce locally to launch their products globally with the same values. Blendhub has launched #CloudBlending, a new production model for food powder based on a community of ideators – which includes all the necessary professionals and expertise to launch a product form farm to fork- and a network of hubs or production centers to manufacture them anywhere in the world. It optimizes relationships along the value chain to create new products at the best prize for consumer.

Food Powder #CloudBlending by Blendhub Corp. from Blendhub Corp. on Vimeo.

If you have an idea for food powder product or you want to launch a new recipe, let’s get in contact! You need allfoodexperts!

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