How foodies can turn their talent and passion into a livehood

How foodies can turn their talent and passion into a livehood

challenge for foodiesThe way the world sees food is changing. Food is not just a need anymore but a hobby and a lifestyle, and foodies are becoming more and more common, especially among millennials. According to a report from Mintel, in 2015 half of American restaurant goers identified themselves as foodies, and a research of BBDO revealed that half of millennials considered themselves to be foodies as well.

Are you one of them? Does food mean more than a need to you? Is gastronomy your passion? Have you ever thought how to turn your “foodie” talent, know-how, and passion into profits? If you have loads of creative and constructive ideas in mind, you can find your place in allfoodexperts®.

allfoodexperts® is a community of agri-food industry professionals, amateurs and scientists, and also a platform of open innovation which is looking for new talents who dare to participate in exciting projects by working hand in hand with experts and companies in this sector. You can contribute to transform the agri-food value chain and facilitate access to food to more people in more places. And this is our challenge to you!

In recent years, many open innovation and crowdsourcing platforms have emerged and collaborative innovation has become a new way of doing. Due to market demand of innovation, big companies need from fresh and creative ideas more than ever, and foodies have loads of them in their minds which can be applied. Cooking in your kitchen is not very different from the work that the agri-food industry companies do in their labs, and the purpose of both is enjoying the meal. Think in the formulations that agri-food companies use in processed food. No more than a blend of ingredientes as a soup in your kitchen.

Thus, the allfoodexperts® community offers you the possibility to participate in amazing innovation projects and cooperate with engineers, technicians, scientists, and companies from various disciplines all over the world sharing your talent and skills. Amateur members can feed off the experience and knowledge of experts and, at the same time, develop fresh ideas and speed up the innovation process of the companies.

Despite its short history, the allfoodexperts® community counts on over 2,000 professionals who has solved about sixty challenges proposed by as many small and medium-sized enterprises and multinationals. Becoming a member of allfoodexperts® is easy and free. Simply click “Join us”,sign up and in a few seconds and you can become a member of the largest specialized agri-food community of experts.

Discover new opportunities to develop your creativity as foodie, networking and making your passion an engine for the development of agri-food industry.

Do you acept the challenge?

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