Health and convenience above taste in the bakery industry

bakery industry trends

Health and convenience above taste in the bakery industry

Similarly to food, bakery industry is changing to follow consumers demands for healthy, transparency, and traceability. They want more information on what they are really eating. And so, food quality and composition are becoming increasing concerns of buyers. Likewise, other social aspects related to food production.

Although pleasure always influences the purchase, consumers’ buying decision, in bakery, depends on other factors as well. All natural, non-GMO and organic food are among their preferences. And also, clean label products made by environmental and social responsible companies. Therefore, the bakery industry faces a challenge which consist not just on taking out ingredients from the goods but add others more natural.

Simplicity and experimentation in bakery industry offering

According to expert Claire Nuttall, beans, seeds, and pulses’ relevance will continue to grow in bakery industry because of their nutritional benefits. She also pointed that consumers are looking for simplicity as in the case of “free from” products. Concerning flavour, the more shocking they are, the better they fit. In this case, they want new and fresh experiences. Unusual flavour combinations and experimentation in bakery arouse interest, specially in young consumers. Even when Mintel announces tradition as one of the six key global food and drink trends for this year, there is a different perspective. It sees something new in going back to the roots in flavour, formulation and formats.

And, regarding packaging, trends in bakery industry are oriented to eco-friendly and convenient formats. For their part, millennials choose customized packages. And some companies also call on consumers to contribute to the packaging design process.

Because of the new rhythm of life, packages also must be convenient and grab and go packaging is on the rise. According to The Caterer, this is due to different factors as “new ordering and payment technology and so-called time poverty”. New consumers are busier than ever so they require fresh and natural products easier to receive, prepare, and eat. 

As it occurs with the whole food and drink market, trend in bakery industry are changing and evolving. Healthy and convenient alternatives for responsible consumers will be a winning option in the years to come.

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