How Digital Technology Makes Food Businesses Move Into New Services

How Digital Technology Makes Food Businesses Move Into New Services

Digital revolution has had a huge impact in many industries, as well as the food industry. From digital manufacturing to mobile apps, many sectors have benefited from new innovations. Digital technology has also made it possible for food businesses improve their services or present new and innovative ones to consumers. In this blog post, we present some inspirational uses of digital technology to improve food businesses.

Interactive furniture in restaurants. Pizza Hut worked with Chaotic Moon to innovate in the food ordering experience. The following video shows how digital technologies allow for making the order, waiting, and the paying time more fun and the process more efficient. Pizza Hut’s digital table enables customers to order their meal while sitting in a more visual manner, and enjoy playing video games while waiting.



Mobile payment. Starbucks is one of the pioneers in this technological progress. Forbes recalls in this article that in October 2013, the company announced that at that time, 11% of sales volume came from its mobile wallet. That was four million mobile payments per week, and eight million consumers using mobile apps, which they started in 2009, to pay with in their establishments.

Computational creativity in preparing food. Chef Watson is a computer program that helps cooks create original recipes or use the food remaining in the fridge to prepare unique dishes. The program uses an algorithm to combine the information provided by the user to give him back hundreds of recipes. For instance, the user can choose an ingredient, a kind of dish and a style to obtain lots of cooking possibilities. The software has been developed by IBM and shows how big data technologies can also be applicable in the kitchen for the so-called cognitive cooking. In the following video by IBM, they explain the possibilities.


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