Innovation blogs echo the Allfoodexperts' open innovation model

Innovation blogs echo the Allfoodexperts' open innovation model

The open innovation model for the Agri-food industry of Allfoodexperts continues to be of great interest to those with a passion for innovation. Recently, Nicolas Bry, senior VP at Orange Innovation Group, expert in Rapid Innovation and author of the blog “Rapid Innovation In Digital Time” ( posted an article about Allfoodexperts both in Innovation Excellence and on his own site.

The article summarizes some of the advantages of the directed open innovation model of Allfoodexperts for agrifood industry companies, such as:

  • Faster innovation and a structured process based on open innovation for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).
  • The reduction of innovation cost for companies looking for solutions to their challenges.
  • The guarantee of confidentiality and IP protection for the challengers.
  • A high value in the industry of social businesses, which reinvests all its profits in its members, and the maintenance of its platform to continue supporting applied innovation.

Nicolas Bry’s blog post also includes a short interview with the Allfoodexperts Coordinator and Community Manager, Conxa Romaguera, who explained the skills of Allfoodexperts’ members and the kind of inbound challenges that are accepted and posted on the open innovation platform.

Romaguera also answered questions about the typical timeline of a challenge and talks about the Ask The Experts app included in the platform. The platform is a free forum where questions can be published and where the community can deliver their suggestions.

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