Innovation for Reinventing Food

Innovation for Reinventing Food

The environmental impact of the production of meat or the creation of healthier foods are some of the challenges of the food industry. For some companies, the solution is the development of protein-rich foods from plants, a very little explored route, considering that only the 8% of world vegetable proteins have been studied as potential alternatives to meat. One of the leading proponents of this type of project is Bill Gates, who, on The Future of Food, an interactive piece on the Gates Notes, lists three companies that he regards are shaping the future of food: Beyond Meat, Hampton Creek and Nu-Tek Food Science. The three line up in what might be called the reinvention of meat or other everyday food products, such as salt, from innovation and technology. The company Hampton Creek has developed Beyond Eggs, an egg substitute made from plants and without chicken, which maintains the properties of the original product and can be used, for example, in baking cakes or muffins. Additionally, it does not contain the high levels of cholesterol that eggs contain. For the company, this is only the first of the products they expect to create as plant-based replacements of meat. Its founder and CEO, Josh Tetrick, explains that the origin of the project is the concern about the living conditions of animals raised for consumption, as well as the enormous environmental impact (both water consumption and CO2 emissions) having meat production

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or the inability to produce enough meat in the future to feed nine billion people. The solution: remove the animal from the equation. Do not miss this video in which TechCrunch interviews Josh Tetrick during a visit to the Hamton Creek’s installations, where their staff explains how they research and cook with Beyond Eggs.     As Hamton Creek, Beyond Meat aims to contribute to the replacement of animal protein with vegetable at a low cost to the consumer. The project is a collaboration between the University of Missouri, The University of Maryland, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and The Obvious Corporation. They started with chicken-free strips, containing soy, but their aspirations go beyond. Ethan Brown, CEO & Founder of the company, asked himself before starting the project,“Would we continue to raise and eat animals in such staggering numbers if a delicious and perfect plant-based replication of meat existed?”. Now, their focus is to replicate the chicken, with a similar nutritional profile, texture and performance of actual chicken, but without the chicken. In the Wired Interview shared by Fora TV that you have below, Ethan Brown talks about the vision of the company.     The goal of Nu-Tek Food Science, as acknowledged on its website, is a revolutionary way to reduce sodium in popular foods by as much as 50% without sacrificing taste. They commercialize salt replacement products that can blend with sea salt and regular salt, for instance Salt for Life・ the first sodium-reduction product for the consumer market, with 70% less Sodium than regular salt. They consider their products a simple and elegant solution to a very complex problem: 400 people die every day in the United States for overconsumption of sodium. Here you have a another video shared by Bill Gates where they explain their product.

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