Interim Consulting Gives Boost to Innovation Projects of Food SMEs

Interim Consulting Gives Boost to Innovation Projects of Food SMEs

reto consultor cientifico (2)In a context of scarcity of resources and instability, resulting from the economic situation, interim consulting and shared service solutions are good choices for SMEs to undertake innovative projects in a more agile and economical manner. Through its open innovation platform, Allfoodexperts enables food and beverage companies to access seasoned experts, with extensive experience in the sector and a high know-how, to find solutions to challenges they cannot address internally. Allfoodexperts accounts for a community integrated by both freelance and bound consultants through two types of membership: members and associates. As Frank Cavallaro noted in this article of Innovation Insights, an Interim professional can be a quick remedy in situations where management expertise in a specific area is needed for exploring a new market segment in which a company has neither the experience, the resources nor the time to perform this action. But what are the main advantages for SMEs in the food and beverage industry of interim consulting? Here are four of them, although there are many others. The Institute of Interim Management, for instance, lists seven advantages referring to interim managers .

  • New talent entrance. Companies need to make a constant search for new talent and the business process of outsourcing can be an ideal formula to get in touch with top quality interims across different professional disciplines who can provide a high expertise to businesses. People who create a career portfolio have different skills and interests, and contact numerous companies and R&D centers, with different ways of approaching problems, throughout their career. They are validated by their reputation, built in their sectors of professional activity, and they are highly experienced professionals who step into specific business situations and make an impact.
  • Meaningful return on investment. The interim professionals are paid for a concrete mission and can add value by helping deliver an outcome, solution or service while reducing risk. Likewise, companies can benefit from the logistical advantages and costs of the outsourcing process.
  • A resource for concrete needs of innovation. This type of external resources also contribute a fresh point of view to companies’ challenges, innovation needs and internal processes, and can respond to existing problems in a way that cannot be addressed through internal resources, as Richard Beesley pointed out in this blog post. Additionally, as the basic idea behind the Open Innovation approach shows, it is not possible
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    for companies to count among their internal resources with all the talent in their industry. Opening to the outside through interim consulting is a way to add value and accelerate their innovation processes. In the case of Allfoodexperts, it is through the expertise of senior consultants who have being working around the food and beverages industry for a long time and accumulate a lot of experience. This can be much less expensive than the training of internal resources for concrete projects needing critical skills. For those critical projects needing high effectivity and minimal risk, experienced professionals are a guarantee because of their professional background and the maturity of their skills.

  • Commitment. The figure of interim, compared to other types of external consultants, puts the focus on the implementation of the tasks and the achievement of a goal. It is not
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    a simple supervisor, rather it takes responsibility for the project. Interim Management puts the main focus on the implementation of the tasks and not simply limit to conceptional work or give recommendations.

If you are a food or beverage company interested in contact with this kind of external consultants, Allfoodexperts is clearly a company for you. It is based on open innovation, but, in contrast to other open innovation solutions, publishing your challenges is free.

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