Latest news from the ideator and founder of the Allfoodexperts platform

Latest news from the ideator and founder of the Allfoodexperts platform

Food Navigator black boxThe ideator and founder of the Allfoodexperts platform, Henrik Stamm Kristensen, recently has been interviewed by Caroline Scott-Thomas from Food Navigator. In an article entitled “Bye-bye black box: Could ‘radical transparency’ transform the

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food industry?”, Stamm Kristensen, president and CEO of Premium Blendhub, discusses the need for more transparency within the food industry. SMART Powder Blends, a new category for the sector in which Premium Blendhub is a pioneer, can bring this transparency to the food industry and be a solution for the broken process of black box. SMART Powder Blends means more information about what goes into blends and about costs and, in the long term, it will bring prices down across industry. The founder of Allfoodexperts expects that by 2020, 80% of black boxes blends are open. This is the proportion of blended ingredients whis is not technologically innovative. Food Navigator published an article about Allfoodexperts too. The title is “Open innovation: Taking a non-profit approach” and it includes the audio of an interview with the Community Manager of Allfoodexperts, Conxa Romaguera.

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