All experts of the food industry are welcome on the allfoodexperts platform.

What you get:

Participate in exciting food industry projects.
Extensive back-office support.
Exclusive networking opportunities.

Here are some of our key advantages:
The fees you receive for projects that you have participated in can either be work or success based and will be captured in the contract between the member, the challenger and the platform.
We invite professionals who are agri-food & beverage industry recognized scientists, technologists and engineers with specific know-how.
All members should have several years working experience. There are no age limitations to become a member of allfoodexperts. The older the better, that’s just more experience. We love experience!

Allfoodexperts is an applied solutions platform. Our challenges are not academic, but real world business needs that require your expertise in providing an applied solution. Allfoodexperts provides unique back office support to all working members via a phone help-desk. This includes IT support, travel assistance and insurance whilst working on a project.

The open innovation platform enables you to participate in all received challenges and/or provide 
services to other community members.

Join us today

If you need further information contact us at

Allfoodexperts is the home of the freelancer who does not see themselves and their know-how used in a traditional job position.
We understand that not all the best innovators and professionals in the industry are free – but we also seek for the help of those engaged in companies.
So if you are not free you are welcome to join but you can not work on projects if you have active exclusivity and confidentiality agreements with employers or other third parties.