New beverage for the Middle East market

beverage middle east

New beverage for the Middle East market

A challenger is looking for support on the development of a new beverage with stabilizer. The expert(s) will work closely with the organisations in-house research and development team to create a new formula(s) and processing requirements to launch the product to the Middle East market.

Challenge details

  • To provide knowledge and experience on an off-white blend of food-grade stabilisers in powder form with benefits of improved mouthfeel and increased pulp stability.
  • The customer will provide laboratory facilities for development of the product if required.

Expert Requirements

  • Must have previous knowledge and experience in Sports Nutrition powder formulation and market trends.
  • The formulation would be produced by company’s factories and sold as a product and you as the expert(s) would receive continuous income stream (% of net profit) instead of a one off payment.

Deadline for proposals

  • The customer wants to move forward quickly with identifying time/costs for the project as soon as possible.
    Expected Budget
  • To be discussed as this is currently in information gathering stage.


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