Omega 3 re-combined Milk. New product development

Omega 3 re-combined Milk

Omega 3 re-combined Milk. New product development

The client is looking for expertise in adding omega 3 to a re-combined milk product. The expert/s will work closely with the organisations to create a new formula and processing requirements for the end customer. The expert will support the end customers objective to launch the new product to an existing market where the challenger currently have a large share with complimentary products.

Challenge details

First, to provide knowledge and experience on the addition of Omega 3 to re-combined milk products.

Additionally, the expert/s will work closely with the company’s specialist formulation and commercial teams to create the re-combined milk with Omega 3. However, the product must be suitable for the end customers intended market based on existing well known competitor products available in Europe.

Expert Requirements

  • Must have previous knowledge and experience in adding omega 3 in either powder or liquid form to similar products. This includes knowledge of formulation and application process.
  • Be willing and able to travel to Spain (this should be infrequent at key milestone stages).
  • The formulation would be produced by the company’s factories. It will be sold as a product and the expert/s would receive continuous income stream (% of net profit) instead of a one off payment.

Deadline for proposals

The customer would like to move forward with identifying time/costs for the project of creating a re-combined Milk with Omega 3 as soon as possible.

Expected Budget

To be discussed. Therefore, this is currently in information gathering stage.



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