Spirit of allfoodexperts (or basic guidelines):

1. The allfoodexperts community is invitational only, enabling us to maintain the highest possible level of commitment from its members. This is the only way we can create a positive track record for successfully solved challenges. The Lead Community Manager can invite an unlimited amount of new members and allfoodexperts members can invite a maximum of 5 persons per year.

2. Members are food and agriculture industry experts with a specific technological know-how considered to be among industry best. We are a community of scientists, technologists and engineers. We all consider ourselves food teckies.

3. All members must have a minimum of 10 years working experience and the more the better. There are no age limitations to become a member of allfoodexperts.

4. Full Membership is free but the desire to work and create value for yourself, allfoodexperts collegues and the society is obligatory.

5. The open innovation platform enables our community to participate in all received challenges and/or provide services to other community members to facilitate their participation in new projects. Challenges can be received from all external parties including other allfoodexperts members.

6. Each challenge received is assigned to a head reviewer whose task is to evaluate the incoming challenges before posting them on the platform. An external expert in a specific matter can be requested for additional evaluation. The head reviewer will also evaluate all the incoming ideas received from the community members as possible solution to the challenge. The idea considered as the most suitable solution amongst all ideas from the participating allfoodexperts members will be recommended to the Lead Community Manager and the challenger.

7. Fees to be paid for work related to the solution of the challenge can either be work or success based and will be captured in the contract between the member, the challenger and the platform.

8. A standard fee is agreed between allfoodexperts members and the platform. This fee is used to cover all costs related to the allfoodexperts platform.

9. The allfoodexperts platform is a low/non-benefit company meaning that income will be returned to allfoodexperts members who have worked on challenges during a fiscal year.

10. Members or Challengers are not charged for publishing a challenge.

11. When the allfoodexperts member, the challenger and the lead community manager agree to launch an applied solution work to solve a specific challenge, the terms are written into a project document containing Scope, Objectives, Economy and Deliverables.

12. These agreed terms will be captured by the Contract Manager of allfoodexperts in a simple contract which will be signed by the Lead Community Manager, the Challenger and the allfoodexperts member selected to lead the Project.

13. The allfoodexperts member/s invoice the allfoodexperts company for their work on the Project. The allfoodexperts company invoice the Challenger of the challenge the agreed fee.

14. It is in the allfoodexpert members interest to have a company that invest in improvements and better functionality of the platform.

15. An annual report will be available for all allfoodexperts and will be debated in an annual members meeting

16. Members must create a full informative profile and assistance is provided to all members.

17. Members should all be free to participate in platform activities, meaning that they cannot have any active exclusivity and confidentiality agreements with employers or other third parties.

18. Membership in the allfoodexperts community will be terminated if allfoodexperts do not fullfill an adecuate code of conduct or do not show interest in participating in challenges. The termination of memberships will be published on the platform and will not be removed. Allfoodexperts who find themselves working on other projects can be granted temporary suspension and return ones their other project finish.

19. Apart from allfoodexperts members, the allfoodexperts company and platform have created a 2nd level membership called associates who could be considered potential future allfoodexperts members.

20. Associates do not have to comply to allfoodexperts criterias for full membership however they still have to consider themselves food industry teckies and have the potential and interest in becoming an allfoodexperts member.

21. Associates will be informed about an  specific challenge which is considered by the Lead Community Manager to be exposed to a large crowd for better ideation possibilities.

22. Associates are invited to join the platform, and are required to fill out the form at our website (at the members section).

23. Associates have restricted visibility of the information on the platform.

24. The operational process for an associate who is chosen and accepts to manage a challenge is identical to that of a full member.

25. The Lead Community Manager, in conjunction with the head reviewer value the associates input and participation to upgrade to full membership. An associate selected to lead a Project challenge can have access to other allfoodexperts members as potential partners to support him on the challenge.

26. Participation, personal values and adding value are key factors for upgrading from associate to full allfoodexperts member.

27. Apart from allfoodexperts and associates a 3rd level called supporters have been created. Supporters are people that have a track record giving service to agri-food industries. Supporters can participate in solving a specific challenge if requested by an allfoodexpert or associate Project Manager.

28. Supporters can be everything from financial services, lawyers, web designers, SEO strategy, photographers, HR specialists, coaches and many more.

29. Supporters have to be recommended by Lead Community Manager or allfoodexperts who have worked with them on previous occasions.

30. Recommended supporters will get the opportunity to promote their services to the community members on the allfoodexperts platform and website.