Rapid test for artichokes

Rapid test for artichokes

Our challenger an artichoke company in Southern Europe with production sites all over the world, is looking for a rapid test for their artichokes in glass jars.
The problem with the product is that after storing the product up to a year before going out to customers the artichokes disintegrates when the jars are shaken.
All the other parameters are fine such as pH level, taste etc.
Through a DNA test in a laboratory they have found out that there are some common mould species causing the change of the cell structure. No microbiological growth is detected under current micro organisms culture media.
During the filling of the jars the product gets pasteurized at 98 to 100 Celsius degrees and cools down under chlorinated water. It could be that during this process drops with mould gets into the product.
The pattern of the damaged products is not regular – between 1 to 25 % on a pallet.
In order not to discover that the products are damaged after up to a year, but right after the production, the challenger is looking for a rapid test to do random tests right after receiving the products.

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