Retort-able packaging/ pouch for meat

Retort-able packaging/ pouch for meat

Our Challenger from the meat industry would like to identify or develop a metallized pouch with K Style Bottom.

It should be a retort-able pouch that can ensure the shelf life of the product for 9 months at temperatures up to +4°C. The dimensions of the bag should be 305 mm x 440 mm / 50 mm (width x length / K seal). Structure of the material should be: PETP/Met/PE/Surlyn and the thickness should be 100 µm. The metalized bag will be used for cooking ham which is filled on the “LANGEN” line and cooked in chambers. The temperature regime of cooking ham is: 1 hour at 55 °C, then 1 hour at 65 °C and 4 hours at 78 °C (to 74 °C at the centre of the product), followed by showering for 20 min and cooled down to +2 °C.


Key Points :

– Retort-able pouch

– Gold or silver metallized

– Thermo shrinkable

– Ensure shelf life of cooked ham for 9 months at temperatures up to +4°C


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