Sports Nutrition formulation


Sports Nutrition formulation

A client is looking for Sports Nutrition formulation and market expertise for supporting on an innovative new product. The expert(s) will work closely with the organisations in house research and development team to create a new formula(s) and processing requirements for its end customer.

The objective is to support the end customer in the launching of a new Sports Nutrition product with performance ingredients that are powders soluble in water to an existing market where they currently have a large share with complimentary products.


  • To provide knowledge and experience on Sports Nutrition formulation blends, specifically for water soluble powders.
  • To advise on functional performance ingredients trends in the market.


The aim is to create active formulations for different needs, suggested functionalities are:

1. Before exercise – energy

2. During exercise – boost and hydrate

3. After exercise – recovery


  • Must have previous knowledge and experience in Sports Nutrition formulation and market trends
  • Be willing and able to travel to Murcia, Spain (this should be infrequent at key milestone stages)
  • The formulation would be produced by Blendhub’s factories and sold as a product and you as the expert(s) would receive continuous income stream (% of net profit) instead of a one off payment.



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