A challenger of allfoodexperts® is looking for a formulator to assist in reducing the sugar content of an existing fruit based beverage. Due to regulatory changes in the country of sale in Central America, the company quickly needs to remove/reduce the sugar content of the beverage while trying to match the existing taste and quality.

The company is looking for a formulator expert that can review the current ingredients of the fruit juice beverage and provide an alternative formulation that has a sugar content level that satisfies the new regulatory requirement but at the same time retains the taste and quality of the product. The product is mainly in 200 ml packages and the most popular flavours are: peach, apple and pear.

Technical details:

  1.  The sugar replacement may ONLY USE non-caloric, natural sweeteners (excluding Stevia) and combinations of traditional sugar + Stevia. There is a maximum of 7.5g of sugar per 100ml.
  2. Characteristics of the product: consideration should be taken to match (or provide as close a representation as possible) the texture and mouthfeel of the current nectar formulation (35% fruit content). The viscosity should not be “too liquidy” as nectar based products have a familiar viscosity and sweetness to the end consumer.
  3. Cost: The client is aware that sugar replacements are of high cost, however, efforts should be made to keep the revised formula within 15% of the original cost (please take into consideration the cost of sugar and its replacement items for this point).