The Issue of Confidence in Virtual Innovation Networks

The Issue of Confidence in Virtual Innovation Networks

Virtual networks are gaining presence in the world of business and innovation and also in the food and beverage sector. One of the key factors for this new form of labor relations is trust. Many companies are reluctant to use open innovation for fear of jeopardizing their industrial property (IP) or their lack of experience in developing projects with external partners. In Allfoodexperts, IP protection and confidentiality are guaranteed ( have a look at this video ). In addition, the Allfoodexpert’s community is configured around solid relationships built on trust, since our solvers enter the community with the support of other members, which are also agri-food experts with extensive experience, who endorse their work.

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In this aspect, Allfoodexperts is different from other open innovation platforms which do not make any selection. All the solvers engaged in Allfoodexperts are members or associates of the community, whose membership is invitational, and ten years of professional experience and a high know-how is necessary. Allfoodexperts is a network built around the personal networks of its members to generate real opportunities for applied innovation. Despite the differences with other open innovation platforms, the community is in continuity within other marketplaces offering talent and skills. In the TEDx Talk of the video below, Rachel Botsman, co- author Roo Rogers of the book What’s Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption, makes some interesting reflections on the issue of confidence in virtual environments and how technology has allowed to build trusty relationships between strangers and empower people through meaningful contacts. That is valid also for business. She talks about a number of marketplaces and job opportunities configured around personal networks. Also, she assesses that essential elements in these kind of environments are trust, efficiency, and above all, the reputation of those who offer their services or expertise. The better you do, the more your reputation grows and the most likely to convince others that you know of what you speak. As Bostman ensures, in 21th century, new trust networks and online reputation will reinvent they way we think in wealth. In the video, you will find some some examples of collaborative projects ruled thanks to the power of online networks such as Airbnb or TaskRabbit. The coin that makes them operate is trust, influence and what she calls “reputational capital”.  

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