A very eclectic know-how food technologist from Colombia

Food technologist and formulator for beverages

A very eclectic know-how food technologist from Colombia

Our community: introducing Nelson Veintemilla

Based in Colombia, Nelson Ventemilla is a food engineer who has been involved in the formulation for B2B and B2C products for over twenty years. He can lend a hand to companies and community members seeking expertise not just in beverages, but in food powder blends, meat and sausage products. Also in fried foods and sauces, hot and cold modalities.

He can offer support in R&D externalization from ideation to product launching with the baking of his own network of collaborators. As a long experienced professional, he has extensive knowledge of the Colombian and Latin American local market, tastes and trends. Thus, he can offer assistant to individuals or companies with challenges in those regions.

A food technologist professional background

Nelson Vantemilla has been working as a freelancer since 2012. He received his training in companies such as Tecnas, Griffith Foods, and Team Foods Colombia and has today a varied and eclectic know-how. Nelson has worked with appetizers like spirits and cocktail. Also with ingredients for fried chicken and coated products, and oil and fats. Currently, he is more involved in soft drinks, both still and carbonated, and with or without fruit.

This food technologist is a great asset for the allfoodexperts community bringing local expertise and knowledge in formulations. For its part, he appreciates the value within a global community of professionals. It allows him to access to challenges worldwide and being in contact with professionals from different areas.

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