what we do

nurturing knowledge and innovation

the hive

“share know-how, create value”

express your opinion, share your expertise and build your reputation in the industry in our featured blogs, forums, webinars and exclusive conferences. 



the hive community
join the conversation by entering the hive community.
read and discuss featured blogs from allfoodexpert ambassadors and industry thought leaders.
share your ideas and opinions through forums on the latest topics and issues affecting the agri-food industry.


seeds of knowledge
participate in webinars delivered by allfoodexpert ambassadors and industry thought leaders in fields across the agri-food and innovation industry to share their expertise and insights.


the flock
meet fellow experts at the annual congress to promote, network and develop your skills and knowledge.

expert lab

“network with experts, build relationships”

get paid for contributing to and solving challenges, build your expert profile to improve your project selection or recruitment opportunities, gain access to allfoodexperts® partner’s discounts and more.


the experts
connect with trusted agri-food experts, interact with the community, promote your expertise and services and build valuable relationships.

If you become an expert you get:

paid for solving exciting and important industry challenges

to choose which projects to participate in, how and when

access to allfoodexperts® partner’s discounts

to build your professional network

expert ambassador
lead specialist groups with shared vision and values, and use the allfoodexperts® trusted brand and platform to promote their work or business.

knowledge cultivator

“delivering business insight”

gain tailored business insights, make informed decisions


allfoodexperts® have teamed up with Evalueserve so you can access tailored business insights on your chosen industry, business or individuals.


Evalueserve’s services include:

On-demand research – Make smarter business decisions with reports tailor-made for you by an insightBee analyst

Sales intelligence – Delivering relevant, qualified leads to help you close deals faster

Procurement intelligence – Actionable insights for proactive category management

Innovation intelligence – Understanding trends, key players and strategies in innovation and R&D

what we are working on:

Our partner Imaginatik has developed a best in class analytics systems that provides the tools to give you the insight into what’s really happening in the allfoodexperts® community.

trend feed

A suite of analytics tools to review the latest trends and data from across the allfoodexperts® community.

analytics farm

You can request tailor-made reports that will provide you with in-depth and insightful analysis based on your specific needs.

innovation factory

“define the challenge, ideate and validate to create solutions”

where solutions are made;


post, contribute, solve and innovate together to overcome any agri-food challenge. Open innovation through allfoodexperts® can provide a fresh perspective to your problem or opportunity to provide a reliable, fast and cost efficient solution.


Share your know-how and experience to be rewarded for solving exciting challenges that can change the agri-food industry.





Idea Plant

Post challenge to the community

Chat with experts

Review proposals, interview experts

Choose experts, agree ownership of IP

Sign contract, continue innovating!

Be in control of the process, go at a speed that you want, and directly communicate with the community.

Posting fee €100 (ex VAT)

To be charged when challenge is submitted.

Success fee €1000 (ex VAT)

To be charged if contract is awarded for the challenge.

solution warehouse

The allfoodexperts® team manage and support throughout your challenge, helping draft your challenge to selecting expert(s). You drive the process making the decisions, while we provide the support.

Supported creation of challenge

Experts sourced to meet your criteria

Experts shortlisted, interviews facilitated

Guidance on selection and IP protection

Sign contract, gain insight, continue innovating!

Posting fee €500 (ex VAT)

To be charged when challenge is submitted.

Success fee €5000 (ex VAT)

To be charged if contract is awarded for the challenge.

the collaboration floor


allfoodexperts® partner with organisations wanting to transform the industry through open innovation. The platform connects diverse groups to crowdsource ideas, validate them and generate solutions for the most important and urgent food issues. We tailor a solution for your requirements and price accordingly. Please contact us for info at info@allfoodexperts.com

talent market

“find, promote and partner with exciting Startups and talented people”

where talent is discovered; collaborate with exciting Startups, fund an idea transforming the industry, promote the next big innovation, find talented professionals and be hired for an exciting opportunity.



start-up nursery
Connecting Startups that are transforming the agri-food industry with innovative ideas to the right technical or commercial knowledge, flexible resources, investment matching their needs or key partnerships.

recruitment store 

linking talented professionals with opportunities in exciting organisations. Whether it’s permanent or a fixed period, full or part-time, you can find the right match.

For those wanting agile working with flexibility, the innovation factory can meet your needs. Gain access to opportunities for work through submitting proposals to challenges. Click here for more information about the innovation factory.