who we are



we are a global expert community transforming the agri-food industry through collaborative innovation and sharing value creation.



we will be the global expert community leading a transformation of the agri-food industry that makes food more just and sustainable, reaching more people in more places.



we connect our diverse community of agri-food experts with clients to collaborate on solutions using our open innovation platform technologies.

allfoodexperts values

how we work


we host and facilitate truly open innovation and enable the transformational power of our community to implement change, create actionable insights and positively disrupt the agri-food industry

In traditional INTERNAL INNOVATION a company works with its own employees and research & development teams to create and nurture ideas. This can take much time and resource, and is limited to the knowledge and resources within the organisation and the efficiency of their processes.

As OPEN INNOVATORS we collaborate with organisations, connecting their internal resources with our expert community including key stakeholders from farm to fork. This brings new perspectives, creating fresh ideas from dedicated expert resources, on-demand to speed up and reduce cost of innovation.



Blendhub Corp. was founded as a food powder blender. They always strived to solve their own and customer challenges. So a toolbox of solutions based on collaboration and open innovation was created. They wanted to share the success and value of these tools with other stakeholders in the sector, so…



allfoodexperts® was created within Blendhub Corp. as a vehicle to openly collaborate with the powder blend sector to solve challenges and create solutions. After 4 successful years it became clear, from the variety of challenges, that the value extended beyond the powder blending sector…



allfoodexperts® re-launched to serve whole agri-food industry from farm to fork. The company became independently managed to drive the business to meet its vision: to be the global expert community transforming the agri-food industry through collaborative innovation and sharing its value creations.

the team


The team: Business Development Manager, Ian Dorr, Customer Excellence Lead, Laurie Tan, Managing Director, Ryan Edwards.


Please connect with us on our allfoodexperts platform as we often share thoughts and ideas on the future of the agri-food industry and are interested to hear others’ insights and to collaborate.


who is the community

The following sectors are openly collaborating and innovating in the community:


Animal Feed and Pet Foods

Baby Food

Baked Goods

Beverages / Drinks


Convenience and Snack Food


Edible Oils

Fruit and Vegetables

Grains and Oilseeds

Meat and Seafood

Nutritional Health

Rice, Pasta and Noodles

Soups, Powders & Sauces


Vegetarian and Vegan

...who work in the following ways:

Freelancers / Independent Consultants


Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Multinational / Large

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

Governmental Institutions


Research and Development Centres

...with the following skills:

Business Development

Change Management

Corporate Social Responsibility

Designer (User Experience / Graphic / Service / etc.)

Digital Transformation


Environmental Waste Management


Food Manufacturing

Food Safety

Food Science

Food Technology


Human Resources




Logistics and Distribution

Marketing and Communications



Project Management

Quality Assurance

Research and Development

Risk Management and Compliance


Social Media

Startup management


Supply Chain Management